Sunday, April 9, 2017

Does Music Affect Our Fashion Trends


   Music influences fashion and many aspects of our culture, it’s obvious that music and fashion are closely linked. Just as listening, dancing, and singing along to our favorite song, fashion does the same thing. Wearing an outfit that you love makes you feel confident and happy. Music and fashion always puts a smile on my face.
The last five and a half decades in music history still have an impact on today’s trends. In the 60’s we had Beatlemania that directly influenced London, one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world. The hippie look of the sixties carried on over to the 70’s where David Bowie made Glam Rock possible. The 80’s broke every fashion “don’t” and can easily pass as one of the more eccentric decades music has influenced on fashion. The birth of vintage grunge became really popular in the 90’s thanks to Kurt Cobain. Not to mention hip hop's influence on fashion in this era; because of MC Hammer, Tupac, and Eazy E we mixed sagging clothes with gold chains. Now indie music is having a huge impact in the fashion market, like with skinny jeans. Of course there are those artists out there who are so unique there isn’t really a label you can classify their wardrobe as, such as Psy and Lady Gaga. Add up the last five and a half decades of music and fashion and what do we get? You get diverse people, listening to all different spectrums of music and expressing themselves through their clothing choices.
Music cultures influence an individual’s fashion trends to an extent, and after collecting these views, it was easy to conclude that a majority of people believe music has a role in helping them determine their own fashion style. However, there are times when music does not have anything to do with what the people of today’s society wear. They could wake up one morning and say, “Who cares?” or they could have such differential musical tastes and feel it is too difficult to incorporate it into their own fashion style.this is the reason my sister said when I asked her how she felt about this topic.. she said, “I don’t usually follow any specific music or fashion trends. I listen to lots of different types of music and dress in a lot of varying styles, so when it comes to the two, they never really relate.”She also said, “There are times I’ll listen to a more up-beat song when I’m in a bad mood, and it’ll encourage me to dress in brighter, more positive colors.”

    Music does seems to affect what some people wear, but not to an excessive extent. Even though some believe that though music does not play as big of a role in helping individuals determine their fashion trends as it once had, it does still hold some influence over style.  Whether the music influences color, mood, or the overall article of clothing does not matter. What matters is the fact that music is incorporated into the world’s personal fashion trends of the past, present, and the future.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Analysis of Oceans by Hillsong United

Image resultOceans by Hillsong United is a christian worship song that was released in February 2013. The first time i ever heard this song was two years ago when I started attending Midway Macedonia, and ever since then the song has always found a way to touch me, despite how I am feeling. The song talks about how as humans we struggle and go through things that may make us feel like we are drowning but to have trust in God and know that he can hold us above our struggles, and that he will never put us through something he knows we cant handle. We may not understand at the time, but everything is in his plan for us to make us stronger and draw us closer to him. 

You call me out upon the waters
The great unknown where feet may fail
And there I find You in the mystery
In oceans deep
My faith will stand

This verse describes how God often times pulls you out into struggles that may seem like they are too much to handle at the time, but our faith in him and that he knows whats best for us is what keeps us a float. You find God in your struggles.

And I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine

Even though the problems in your life seem like they are getting harder and harder to deal with, you have to find rest in the fact that God will handle them. When you're in need God is there to help pull you up, you just have to have faith in him despite how hard it is and how bad things may seem. 

Your grace abounds in deepest waters
Your sovereign hand
Will be my guide
Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me
You've never failed and You won't start now

The first line of this stanza uses the metaphor "deepest waters" to bring about the point that, no matter how hard or how endless your suffering may be, Gods grace and mercy will still be there. The metaphor water gives the listener the idea of something long and endless, because often when we look over bodies of water such as an ocean, the water seems to go on forever and have no end. While we know this is not true, we can not see further than the present.  

So I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine

In her struggles, she will find rest in the fact that God is there for her and will never leave her. Things may be hard, but she can always look to God for support. The last line suggests that her and God have a deep bond that can never be broken, because it is so much deeper than any human bond.  

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior

Her faith in God will be made stronger when he faith is tested and she has to look to him for support through her struggles. God only takes us as far as he knows we can handle and through these struggles we are drawn closer to him because we realize that he is truly is there looking out for us ans only wants the best for us, because his love for us is so much deeper than any of us could ever understand.

Oh, Jesus, you're my God!

I will call upon Your name
Keep my eyes above the waves
My soul will rest in Your embrace
I am Yours and You are mine

Monday, February 20, 2017

Self Expression In Music

In my opinion, I believe that music is the easily the strongest form of self expression in this world today. Music can show emotions and feelings without even saying a word. A single note or key played in a song can create a certain mood of vibe to it. Using music as a form of self expression goes back to the beginning of time. Many say that music styles and genres are affected by the culture and generation in a society, however I believe that a piece of music is influenced most by the individual who composed it.  

Music can effortlessly tell a story with just notes. For example, an artist may write a song based to express how they are the feeling at that certain moment as they are composing. Or a song could be composed based on how the composer felt all day or has been feeling lately. For example a guitar player might go home after a long tiring day or after something tragic had happened would inspire them to write a sad depressing song or guitar riff. A simple guitar riff can provide the an image in the listener's mind and then can evoke emotions based on past experiences and all of this is simply done just by arranging notes into a specific order at a specific rhythm and beat.
To me music has always seemed much more moving and powerful than a piece of literature or poem, because not only can you write words to music but you also have the melody to the back up the lyrics and make them more powerful, striking, and influential. I have been playing the flute for about 4 years and whenever I have something on my mind or have some sort of inner or outer conflict going on I always seem to be able to express it through playing my flute. Without being able to express myself through my music I would be a complete mess. I truly feel that I can write music to express my feelings much better than I could ever say or write on paper.

Although most people would say that music is just a form of entertainment or a form of art, many including myself, could argue that music is the best form of self expression. With a few simple chords and notes you can tell a simple story, or even a life story. The possibilities are endless.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Gravity by Eden Analysis

Image result for gravity by edenGravity is the third song on Edens latest EP End Credits. that was released in August of 2015. While the song and the album itself are a couple years old, the band has just begun to grow in fame from their latest album, I Think You Think Too Much of Me which was released in August 2016, a year later. The song starts off with slow piano notes, creating a smooth transition into the vocals and preparing the listener for the emotion of the song.

I wanted you to be the last thing on my mind
I wanted you to be the reason I close my eyes
But I can't sleep

Eden starts off the song by bringing how he really wanted the girl he is addressing in this song to be the one for him, but things didn’t work out. “I wanted you to be the last thing on my mind,” – which is usually what you dream about. “I wanted you to be the reason I close my eyes,” – he’s saying he wanted her to be the one for him, a metaphor for her putting him to sleep. “But I can’t sleep,” – meaning she’s just not the one for him.
And oh god I wanted to be your high
But everything I said it went unheard
And everything you saw with eyes straight blurred
Became our downfall

In the first line Eden expresses how he wanted to be important to the girl he is talking about, by saying he wanted to be her "high." He wanted to be like a drug to her and be something she depended on for happiness and couldn't let go. In the next three lines, he suggests that the reason why they didn't work out or the reason for their "downfall" is because his significant other couldn't see past her own fears and didn't listen to his reassurance when he tried to give it to her.
Cos you say I drink and I smoke and I talk too much
But I know you lied when you said that you just gotta go and save yourself
So hear me out
You know everybody talks girl
And it means nothing till you let it
But if you keep second guessing then there's only gonna be one end

The first two lines of this stanza address the excuses Eden's significant other made to as of why they weren't working out. She wasn't being honest with him because she was scared of getting hurt an didn't feel as if she could she could open up to him. In the last three lines, Eden reminds the girl he is talking about that everyone is always going to have something to say, however, what they say holds no meaning until she lets it affect her. He tells her that if she keeps second guessing their relationship and listening to what others have to say, then they won't be able to work out. In a way he's blaming her for their downfall.

But you can leave if you really want to
And you can run if you feel you have to
And I'll be fine if you ever ask me

Often times it is easier when you're hurt to just say that "you're fine" even if you're not. That's what Eden is doing when this girl asks if hes okay even though he isnt. However its easier to tell her he is instead of explaining to her how he is feeling.
I know its hard, but no one said its easy

This line has two meanings. The first being doing the right thing isn't always easy, but if you care about someone and their happiness, and are no longer happy with them, letting them go is the right thing to do.
Fallings easy
But there's only one way up

After stating that falling is easy, Eden says that there's only one way up. He uses the metaphor of falling in love in a literal sense here to say that it is easy to fall in love, by saying it is easy to fall. Which is easy, but painful. Then in his next line continues this literal metaphor by saying that there’s only one way up. Which, as we know, is common sense. Once someone falls, the only way up is to subsequently get up. Furthermore, he uses the fact that getting up is harder than falling in his metaphor. He does so to suggest that the only way up, which is getting up, is hard. So after easily falling in love, getting up out of it is hard. And that, according to Eden is the only way up.

So I been thinking that I think too much
And I can't sleep but I can dream of us

In these two lines Eden states that he has been overthinking things and this itself can lead to their "downfall." He says that he cant sleep because while he used to be able to fall asleep to the thought of her, now he cant sleep because those thoughts are no longer happy, but sad of the two of them.
And I've been seeing sh*t like horror cuts
Its burning down, I gotta drown this out
And you said you need me to let this go
Buts its who I am or am I just losing it
Cos you said jump and I went first but fallings always been my downfall

In the last line of this stanza, Eden recalls when he fell in love with her and how she told him she would be there to catch him when he did, but when he jumped she wasn't there. He says "fallings always been my downfall" referencing how he is easy and quick to fall in love, and how that has never worked out for the best for him.

And you say I drink and I smoke and I talk too much
But I know you lied when you said that you just had enough and save yourself
So hear me out
You know everybody talks girl
And it means nothing till you let it
And if you keep second guessing then theres only gonna be one end

But you can leave if you really want to
And you can run if you feel you have to
And I can drink if I feel I have to
I know its hard, but I can't feel like I used to
Like I used to
Cos I used to defy gravity
Defy gravity
Goodbyes keep dragging me
And I'm fighting gravity
Defying gravity
I tried but I keep falling
Cos fallings easy
But it only brings you down

How Is Music Presented In Different Age Groups?

I have chosen this topic because myself, I am a musician and music is my passion. I have listened to all kinds of music and I have noticed that as I'm maturing, the style of music I listen to tend to change. Due to this reason, I became very curious and determined to observe / find out from people at different age group about the types of music they enjoy listening.
  Music will always be an essential part of our lives as long as we live therefore marketing music is to different age groups is essential to people who will end up buying their album or songs. Most teenagers like myself  y(between the ages of 13-30) are most likely to listen to the same type of music over and over again, which are the songs that are popularly played on the radio. However most seniors (adults over the age of 60) enjoy music that has no cussing and relaxing music that soothes themselves and their mind.
    A popular way that artists stream their music is by utilizing different music applications such as streaming music online like the service Pandora and IHeart Radio. These applications gives the buyer/consumer a chance to listen to the music they like while also stumbling across other artists they may like. With the bonus of having the opportunity to buy a physical hard copy of the album or downloading a digital copy to your cell phone.
    Streaming music is extremely popular with the younger generation today's society, downloading music through services like ITunes is the most convenient way buyers buy into music.
    Going to record stores is the most popular way for most of today's older generation. More than 80% of older generation are into jazz and slow classical music so they are drawn to the music stored which sells hard copies of the albums, which are liked them because they aren't really tech savvy.

 In conclusion, music has become an important part of people's daily life, it's something we cannot live without it. No matter what the consumer has decided to do at the end of the day. Whether or not the consumer decides to subscribe to a music downloading and streaming service or opening up a simple phone application like Pandora or I-heart music to listen to their favorite artists on the radio or going to the local music store to purchase a hard copy of the album. Either way, a marketer must observe each generation and age group to identify what types of music they are listening to reach their target market consumer.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Why Does Music Make People Dance?

Have you ever heard a good song and just wanted to dance to it? I know I have. Whenever you go to prom, a concert, or any type of event where music is played, you usually see people dancing. Why is this? In this article, it mentions how we use a lot of things as movement to entertain us. Such as watching an action movie, racing cars, and even dancing. I have never realized how much movement we have in the world. The scientist who studied this thinks that the brain and the ear process the music and dancing acts as a double play basically. In the third and fourth paragraph, the writer explains how parts of the brain send signals to your body and this leads you to end up tapping your foot. In the article, the author talks about how whenever you watch somebody dance, it also makes you want to dance. Seeing someone perform a particular skill, your brain processes it and thinks about what steps it would take to execute that particular move. So, that means that humans like watching others in motion (and being in motion themselves), adding music to the mix may be a pinnacle of reward. Music, in fact, can actually refine your movement skills by improving your timing, coordination and rhythm. Many of the moves in that fighting style are choreographed, taught and practiced, along with music, making the participants more adept—and giving them the pleasure from the music as well as from performing the movement. Adding music in this context may cross the thin line between a killing machine and a dancing machine.

Video: fun fact...I'm actually dancing in this video. 

Does Music Affect Culture? Or Does Culture Affect Music?

All around the world people assume that music and culture go hand in hand with each other, but which controls the other? Before we can answer that question we need to have accurate knowledge about what culture really is. Culture can be defined in many different ways but the official definition of culture is: the behaviors and beliefs characteristics of a particular social, ethnic, or age group. But what does this mean to people all around the world? Throughout the world people define culture very differently. For example a person surveyed in the U.S defined culture as “ fruitful, productive, creative and respectful interactions between people in a society.”  A person surveyed in China defined culture as “ the spirit of people” However than half the people surveyed included music as one of the top five characteristics of culture. So we can see that music can affect the way people view culture.

Music can often tell a story, expresses emotion or shares ideas with a society. For example a tribe would often use music to tell a story, teach a lesson or celebrate a successful hunt. Music reflects the cultural characteristics of a society. For example in America around World War II, big band music was a way express patriotism. In present day China, the music listened to reflect the westernization of the country. A student surveyed in China said ¨ now many Chinese people listen to music from oversea countries. So they cherish freedom, and more reasonable education. The culture of a country often changes with the music that they listen to.

As I stated earlier, culture is the views and ideals of a country. Music is often the expression of idea, opinion, or emotion. Therefore the cultures ideas or views is almost always represented in the lyrics or style or music. Music is very malleable and is affected by a countless number of factors. Put together equal the culture. For example; a culture that values money and material objects will present this through music by the glorification of these ideas. Ultimately, music is the expression of culture.

In conclusion music has and always will affect the culture of the world. Music is a direct interpretation of culture. Although culture continues to change rapidly with the advancement of technology, music will always connect the people around world and share a special aspect of each culture with one another.